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Why Choose Us

We have long-standing relationships with the best manufacturers in the Asia-pacific region and follow your strict product guidelines and painstakingly check products for quality. Kong Kei Industrial (HK) Ltd only works with handpicked, ethically accredited, certified manufacturers.

We are fluent in the local language and business customs. Our prestigious networks allow us to find factories that will have your best interests in mind, use state-of-the-art equipment, uphold product safety can comfortably handle your custom needs.

Our supplier and manufacturer due diligence ensures that we find best-in-class fit based on clients’ certifications, materials, and quality standards.We know how hard it is to find high-quality products because we’ve been here before.

When you work with us, you can expect

  • Complete transparency with frequent and consistent reporting and communication
  • Complex on-ground team of professionals who understand the process and procedures
  • An unwavering focus on quality and consistency that exceeds the highest industry standards.
  • Expedited delivery times with fast-tracked sourcing and delivery process
  • Diverse client base including small, medium-sized, and large companies and order sizes

Whether you need to manage your growing tech complexities, control costs, improve product design and efficiency, or get your electronic products faster, our team can and will do it all.

If you want to procure effectively from the global or China market, we are here to make every order successful.

Our Promise to You

We do the heavy lifting and take care of all the tedious back and forth with the manufacturer. We provide transparent and cost-effective business to clients across the globe regardless of their order size.

We only select suppliers and manufacturers to source your products based on their experience handling similar products and their quality consistency.

We offer a full cycle product sourcing service, including sourcing, quality inspection, and delivery, to minimize all the efforts on your end.

With us on your side, you get access to a dedicated team and a network of factories that offer competitive pricing and high-quality products. With our intense quality checks, rigorous product inspections, and compliance assurance, you’ve got nothing to worry about when working with us

By sourcing and procuring competitively, we can deliver sustainable cost savings to you. Whether you need to source for sale or use, our insights, relationships, and experience ensure we can get you the best deals on the best quality products.

Best partners for any events

We love to have fun, especially if it involves tech and music. We sponsored the competition because it was an excellent opportunity to show our support for the teenagers who share our vision. We had tons of fun engaging in musical performances and heard some of the best musical tunes.
Our products with AI motion-tracking features in our performances could perfectly match with any musical events.

Audio & visual enterprise solutions

1 We provide audio-visual devices to companies that provide Audio & Visual solutions to enterprise clients. We source high-tech audio and visual equipment that guarantees crystal-clear audio and video transmission. If your business is in providing audio and visual solutions, we ensure you get access to a variety of equipment that satisfies all your enterprise client needs. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable AV consultants who can quickly determine the best-fit equipment for your client’s requirements from the audience to space.
2 We have partnered with top audio & visual equipment manufacturers who design, develop and customize audio-visual equipment. We can find audio-visual enterprise solutions, including video conferencing, unified communications, digital signage, executive broadcasts, video-on-demand, public address, AV for command-and-control centers, commercial displays, or even boardroom presentation systems.
3 Our audio-visual team has on-ground experience and knowledge to find the right manufacturer for your equipment needs, from transmission and presentation equipment, conferencing equipment to high-definition screens. Whether you need a one-time supply or a component of a much larger system, we supply dependable, trustworthy, and top-of-the-line products. We help you treat your clients to state-of-the-art audio and visual experiences with the latest equipment in AV solutions.

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