About Wi-Fi Cameras

A digital camera with integrated Wi-Fi comes with a number of advantages. One of the advantages is that you can take photos and upload them to cloud storage within seconds. The good side with the storage is that it’s safe; therefore, you don’t have to worry of people getting access to them. You also can’t delete them by mistake.

The cameras also make it easy for you to share photos on social networks. To share the photos you only need to connect the camera to your favorite social network such as twitter or Facebook.

If you want to upload the photos to your phone or computer, you can easily do so. The good side is that you don’t have to use a cable to connect the camera to your Smartphone or computer for you to upload the photos; you only need to find a hotspot and you will be able to upload the photos automatically.

In addition to this, you have wireless control over the camera’s setting through your mobile device. Here you need to put on the Wi-Fi function and you will be able to connect the camera and your mobile phone and as a result you will be able to control the camera’s settings.

Challenges facing Wi-Fi cameras

Although, Wi-Fi cameras have the above benefits, they are being faced by a number of challenges. Some of the challenges include:

The system is hard to set up: unlike Smartphones that have large screens thus making them easy to set up, Wi-Fi cameras have small screens which make it hard to properly execute the various options. The small screens make it complicated to operate the devices.

Lack of dedicated apps: While some manufacturers make it easy for one to upload pictures to a social network or storage system, the corresponding apps are usually under-developed and often lack the necessary key features. The apps also tend to be too slow to accomplish the required task.

Compatibility: the unfortunate thing is that most of the present programs work only on particular operating systems. For the cameras to effectively work, the developers have to work on programs that will work across all platforms.

Price: the existing Wi-Fi cameras are more expensive than the regular cameras which often repel customers from buying them.

While the cameras face the above challenges, it’s easy to solve the challenges and create devices that anyone enthusiastic about technology will be eager to have.

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