Basic Facts About Motorola VE66 Deals

As you look at the Motorola VE66, you will be amazed with its extensive features. There is one camera, a MP3 player, and Wi-Fi connection so that you always remain connected with your office and friends. The fashionable design of the phone is the talk of the town and you will love the sliding feature.

The TFT screen which is 2.2 inches wide has 256k colors with 240×320 pixel resolution. The screen is wide enough to allow the user to see everything in the menu. You will have a navigation scroll wheel which makes the navigation of the phone easy. There is a 5 megapixel camera and you can capture photographs with suitable resolution and quality. If you want, you can print them too as the pictures have a printable quality. The camera also includes the LED flash which highlights the subject and an auto focus. Little adjustment is needed when you capture the image as most of the things will be done by the camera itself. The camera comes with 2560×1920 pixels.

The memory capacity of the phone is 110 mb. The internal memory can be expanded with the help of microSD slot. The Wi-Fi connection comes handy when you are traveling. Once you are in a Wi-Fi zone, you can easily access the Internet. The in-built MP3 player is a treat for the music lovers. It accepts and fully supports several formats like WAV, AAC+, and MP3. You will love to listen to music as you listen to the FM stereo radio. If you want, you can tune the phone to a number of national and local radio stations.

The sleek look has captured the imagination of the users for whom style is a way of life. The best thing is that this tiny package contains almost everything that you need in your daily life. The VE66 is one of the few slider phones from the house of Motorola. The phone has a crystal talk feature which is good, as you will have better clarity of voice. The phone integrates the widget and this allows the user to stay connected anywhere in the world. The phone comes with a 500 MZH processor and integrates all functions like Mont Vista, and Linux Os.

The gadget has two kinds of adaptations. One of them is known to support the UMTS/3G and the other will use the GSM in China. The phone is known to do recording for videos with a resolution of QVGA.

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