CKMOVA Flexible Compact Microphone SPM3 USB Type-C - KONG KEI INDUSTRIAL (HK) LTD.
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CKMOVA Flexible Compact Microphone

CKMOVA Flexible Compact Microphone SPM3 USB Type-C

CKMOVA Flexible Compact Microphone directional condenser microphone with a TRRS connector, the CKMOVA SPM3, is designed for wide-range recording and shooting applications. The distinctive DSLR. The microphone can capture a wide area thanks to its flexible 180 degree rotation design. For shooting outside or during bad weather, the SPM3 comes with a furry windscreen.

The CKMOVA SPM3 Compact Condenser for 3.5mm TRRS is a cutting-edge microphone that plugs directly into your smartphone or DSLR without any unsightly cables.

CKMOVA Flexible Compact Microphone

Important characteristics are:

professional directional condenser microphone.
180-degree rotation that is adaptable in design.
Gain switch with two settings (-10dB and 0dB).
There is no need for a battery.
Includes a furry windscreen.
CKMOVA SPM3C Flexible Compact Condenser Microphone with USB Type-C.

The CKMOVA SPM3C Compact Condenser Microphone has a USB Type-C connector and an adjustable rotation 180 degrees design. It connects without tangled cables directly to your Type-C device. For optimal signal, merely adjust the recording angle flexibility.

Creative design.

This small supercardioid microphone, with the camera and phone switch, expands the functional options available to users and overcomes the market limitations of conventional plug-and-play cameras and mobile phones. The SPM3C microphone doesn’t need batteries.


CKMOVA is a highly innovative business that creates top-notch audio products and expert audio solutions. Since the business was founded in 2015, it has produced a range of TWS earphones, DJI and live video equipment, as well as audio solutions for DSLRs, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. CKMOVA creates high-quality products with a good value thanks to a strong R&D team. To meet the needs of the consumer and business markets, they still combine cutting-edge technology.

Package contains:.

1 microphone, please.

1x Furry Windscreen.

1 user guide. – 1 Warranty Card.


For Type-C devices, a versatile compact condenser microphone.
Microphone, directional condenser, professional.
Flexible 180° rotational design.
Low-cut filter (120 Hz).
-10 dB and 0 dB levels on a gain switch.
No battery is required.
Includes a furry windscreen.

CKMOVA Flexible Compact Microphone

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