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CKMOVA Vocal M V2 Wireless Microphone System

CKMOVA M V2 Microphone is a dependable dual channel wireless UHF microphone set with independent audio recorder and built-in rechargeable battery. The expert wireless solution for content producers, mobile journalists, EEP, vloggers, and ENG.

CKMOVA M V2 Microphone is a small, light, and robust microphone system with dual body-pack transmitters that deliver a mature, reliable, and high-quality audio UHF signal. Powerful features include a headphone jack, monitor, switchable mic-and-line inputs, local memory recording, and EQ settings on the transmitter.
Mono. Reception quality, battery life, audio level, and other information are shown on the built-in OLED screen.

An independent audio recorder and dual-channel wireless microphone system make up the CKMOVA Vocal M.

For filmmakers, vloggers, videographers, mobile journalists, and other content producers, Vocal M provides a dependable, broadcast-quality wireless solution. The small, light-weight..

You can trust in making Vocal M your new top pick for wireless microphone systems because CKMOVA offers high-quality UHF technical solutions to guarantee stable transmission and deliver high-quality audio.

•Mic Input & Line Input switchable
•Real-time headphone monitor on receiver
•Real-time & Play-back headphone monitor on transmitter
•Low cut filter (40Mhz,80Mhz & 120Mhz )
•High frequency boost(1dB/2dB/3dB/4dB)
•Mute & Lock function on both transmitter & receiver
•Includes: Lavalier Mic, Type-C charging cable, TRS & TRS output cable, TRS to dual-head XLR output cable & Suitcase

CKMOVA  M V2 Microphone

CKMOVA M V2 Microphone Key characteristics are:

CKMOVA  M V2 Microphone

Receiver with two channels for a camera, smartphone, computer, field recorder, etc.
On the receiver and transmitter, OLED displays are presen
Switchable, removable, and 360° rotating antenna.
Operating Range 150 Meters (Line of Sight).
Mono & Stereo output selectable
3.5mm TRS Mic Locking.
Receiver’s in-the-moment headphone monitor.
A receiver’s local 3 point 5mm TRS mic input jack.
Supports recording memories using microSD cards up to 32GB.
Automatic protection shutdown for the receiver and transmitter.
12 hours of life on an internal rechargeable battery.
Sturdy aluminum alloy construction.

Professional UHF Dual-Channel Wireless Microphone Transmitter and Receiver Set

Model Number: CKMOVA Vocal M V2. A dependable, lightweight, and professional system is offered by the M-Series.

CKMOVA  M V2 Microphone

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