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CKMOVA Professional Monitor headphones ME-S10

CKMOVA Professional Monitor headphones Introductions :

CKMOVA Professional Monitor headphones studio production, field recording, DJing, and podcasting, the CKMOVA ME-S10 monitor headphone offers audio performance at a professional level. It delivers clear, deep bass and wide bandwidth while isolating you from outside sounds thanks to its 50mm large dynamic drivers and over-ear closed-back design.
It offers users a comfortable experience thanks to its comfortable and 90° rotatable earmuffs.

CKMOVA Professional headphones are ideal for use in live and location sound, commercial recording, broadcast, and home studio.

It is perfect for recording sessions due to its closed-back design, which reduces unwanted background noise.

For high-quality sound reproduction ranging from firm lower bass to delicate highs (10Hz to 38kHz), the ME-S10 has large dynamic drivers with a 50mm opening.

One-ear monitoring is made simpler by the 90° pivoting ear cups of the professional-grade protein earmuffs, which provide greater comfort and durability. When not in use, the headphones can be folded up for compact transportation.

Detachable 1.5m coiled cables and 3m straight cables, a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adapter, and a pouch are all included in the package. The detachable twist-locking output cable design enables convenient cable replacement for various environments.
Professional Field and Studio Monitor Headphone, CKMOVA ME-S10.
The CKMova ME-S10 are perfect for use in live and location sound, broadcast, commercial recording, and home studio. They are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to their 50mm drivers, closed-back, and collapsible design. Has two cables that are removable.

For the studio:

CKMOVA Professional Monitor headphones excellent for studio or home recording, tracking, and mixing thanks to their 50mm large aperture dynamic drivers, which have a frequency response of 10Hz to 38kHz. For those extended sessions, the earmuffs are incredibly comfortable and sturdy.


Dynamic of the closed-back variety.
50 mm is the driver diameter.
Response to Frequency: 10 to 38 kHz.
2000 mW maximum power.
350 mW is the rating power.
98 dB is the sensitivity.
32 ohms of impedance.
1/8″ (3point 5mm) connector.
302g in weight.
It can be folded or collapsed.
3m straight cable and 1 point 5m of cable that can be coiled to extend to 4m.


  • Ideal for use in broadcast, live and location sound, home studio, and commercial recording.
  • Closed-back construction to help muffle outside noise.
  • 50mm large aperture dynamic drivers for high-quality audio reproduction.
  • Flexible 180° swivel design allows for a range of cozy wearing angles.
  • Professional-grade protein earmuffs offer greater comfort and durability.
  • For compact portability, collapsible.
  • The output cable is detachable and twist-locking, making cable switching convenient.
  • Includes a pouch, a 3.5mm to 1/4” adapter, and detachable 1.5m coiled and 3m straight cables.

Baggage List :
Headphones x1.
1 point, 5 meters of coiled cable, times 1.
3 meters of straight cable multiplied by one.
1 1/4” adapter.
Pouch x 1.
X1 user guide.
(1) Warranty cards.

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