Lg Xnote Mini X130 Netbook Review

LG recently launched its new netbook in its home town. The Xnote Mini X130 netbook is the latest addition to the line-up of netbook computers from the house of LG. The most exciting thing about the new netbook X130 is its battery life; it can give the netbook a runtime of 12 hours.

The Xnote Mini X130 surely comes with a host of next generation features, but unfortunately there have been too many netbooks launched in the past few months, which make the Xnote Mini X130 look very ordinary.

Turning the attention towards the pros of this netbook, one of the exciting features in the new X130 netbook is its Smart Onbutton. It can boot up the computer in less than 7 seconds, enabling you to access normally used functions like music player, web browser, chat application, image browser on-the-fly.

The salient specifications of this new LG netbook include 160GB hard drive, 9-cell battery, 10.1 inches WSVGA LCD display and Intel Atom processor. It is powered by the Windows 7 Operating System, and comes with a HDMI port, 4-USB ports, Bluetooth and Wireless (WiFi) connectivity.

However, as far as the pricing is concerned, the Mini X130 is not at all a cheap deal at $599.98 and you can find several other worthy netbooks in this price range, which can deliver satisfactory performance.

It comes with 1.3MP integrated web camera, Intel GMA 950 video card and looks almost identical to its predecessor X120. Featuring the Intel Atom Processor N270, and 512KB L2 Cache Intel 945 GSE Express Chipset, X130 differs with the X120 only by the 9-cell battery.

But, before you put your money on this netbook, do take a look at other current offerings in the market.

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