Lorex DVR: Enhancing Security From Anytime, Anywhere

Lorex remains one of the biggest producers of security cameras and monitoring systems that make video surveillance a lot easier for savvy homeowners. It has increased in popularity in the market with various innovations that have elevated home and business security. And with their recent line of digital video recorders and wireless monitors that connect through smartphones or tablets, Lorex is yet again wowing a lot of consumers.

Lorex DVR was built to introduce a cutting-edge surveillance technology and tout advanced home and business security features.

The product is currently meeting voluminous demand from consumers with the devices’ capability to be connected to the Internet- this makes it easy to view the live feed on phones, laptops or tablets.

The best thing about this security system is their easy-to-do setup and universally compatible wireless security cameras that enhance convenience. Having pre-installed 24/7 100% duty security hard drives to boot, it is not difficult to imagine its high-quality recording performance.

Security DVR General Specs

The new Edge2 is currently Lorex DVR’s headline hugger as it touts full-features for digital video recording. HDMI output and multi-touch interface makes it distinctive from other products that have entered the market.

Apart from these features, the devices from these series also come with:

-Pentaplex operation- facilitates the viewing, recording, having playbacks, and doing backups through a remote control system. This also allows the connection of the device to the television or computer monitor for a more enhanced video and audio quality.

-GUI with mouse navigation and FLEX IR remote control- for a remote access to the device. These add-ons come with a tiny form-factor that makes the DVR easier to be mounted at the back of the LCD monitor.

-VGA resolution-for excellent quality of audio and video either live or recorded.

-Advanced H.264 video compression- maximizes high resolution recording on the hard disk drive.

-Internet connectivity- lets users view the feeds anytime anywhere via a web browser. E-mail notifications are also sent whenever the cameras detect trespassing and burglary.

All these features are also integrated with the devices both from the Security DVR series and the Security ECO DVR Series.

Benefits of Having the Lorex DVR series

The uses of CCTV cameras are no longer arcane. For quite a while, news programs have been airing news bits amount theft and other crimes being caught on tape for evidences. All of these advantages come with the Lorex DVR devices, but having the technology around gives out more benefits.

The wireless technology enhances security and surveillance as the video feed can be viewed even the users are outside their homes or properties. Using apps or making video phone call make all these possible.

Multi-cameras can also be installed to survey every nook and cranny of the property, in contrast to the quaint single camera DVRs in the market.

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