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OBSBOT tiny PTZ webcam 4K AI Powered

OBSBOT tiny PTZ webcam 4K AI Powered W ith a USB Type-C to Type-A cable, and capture video in resolutions of up to 1080p60 when connected to a host computer. You can tilt it 45 degrees and pan 150 degrees with its software control, both at up to 120 degrees per second. The lens has an expansive 90° field of view and includes autofocus, auto-exposure, and auto white balance to guarantee that your photos are always sharp and well-lit.
The dual omnidirectional microphones capture your sound from all directions, and they have noise cancellation to maintain clear, undistorted audio. Using the included camera mount, you can mount the camera to your laptop, monitor, or table.

OBSBOT tiny PTZ webcam

OBSBOT tiny PTZ webcam Improved Details Resolution.

There are more pixels than ever, but the same tiny size. We built the OBSBOT Tiny 4K with the best-in-class Sony 1/2.8” sensor, which is blur-proof, future-proof, and crystal clear even at close range.

AI tracking with auto-framing.

With the help of our Next-Gen improved artificial intelligence tracking algorithm, OBSBOT Tiny 4K can lock on to a person. OBSBOT Tiny 4K will always follow you accurately and fluidly, regardless of how or where you move.

Control of Magical Gestures.

OBSBOT tiny PTZ webcam can be controlled with just two easy gestures. No matter which hand you use, work all day long.

Look Fantastic in All Lighting.

Look great in any lighting because HDR features give you a professional appearance even in poor lighting. Stop wasting time in the light of day.

Customizable Mode For Various Scenes.

Motion Mode:
As you move more quickly, OBSBOT Tiny 4K can keep up with you while capturing your entire body.
Mode Headroom:
Made to prevent head cutting and leave enough room above your head for a balanced, professional appearance.

Noise-reducing dual omnidirectional microphones.

You can easily and naturally communicate with others thanks to the system’s clear voice pickup within a 3 meter range.

Always pay attention to the appropriate area.

OBSBOT Tiny 4K features with Auto-focus keep you in focus at all times.
In private mode:
There is no need to worry about privacy leakage; just tilt the device downward to automatically stop recording video and audio.

OBSBOT tiny PTZ webcam

A cable with a switch:
The cam’s power supply can be completely shut off by the cable. The most secure method for protecting your privacy from hacks.
Mount using magnets.
Put your OBSBOT Tiny 4K on any screen edge for convenience.
Connect and play.

There is no need for prioritized drives, programs, or apps. Connect and take advantage of the enhanced video experience.
Interface of 1/4″.
For special needs, all tripods are compatible.

An Additional, Powered App :
The OBSBOT TinyCam app is specifically made to allow OBSBOT Tiny to modify other sophisticated features, such as white balance and sleep mode. Despite its strength, those AI features can still be used without it.

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