OBSBOT Tiny x PPP Air Purification Special Offer





OBSBOT Tiny x PPP is giving you a limited offer to show your filial respect to your father.

OBSBOT Tiny is suitable for dads who work under the epidemic, it provides a great resolution and great framing as well as AI-powered auto tracking, want to keep yourself good-looking during presentation before the camera? Use OBSBOT Tiny will become professional immediately.

Other than that, if your dad needs driving to the office. PPP air purifier is a very good partner. In fact, our car compartment is really dirty, PPP could purify the common pollutants including but not limited to small solided particles, bacteria, microbes, formaldehyde, benzene, etc. Now we do combo price at $3,599. Get it at once to protect your father’s health and career.

For information about PPP air purifiers for vehicles, please refer to the link below.



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