Samsung UN40C7000 Review

Pros: Super slim and great looking in its 1.2″ depth with 1″ bezel. It has new swivel quadrapod stand. Its black levels and deeply good ranging from average to contrast. Contains excellent color saturation and comes with the optional 240/120HZ feature for programs on sports. Options for connectivity are integrated in this thin TV that includes Ethernet and 3D capacity for programs in the future.

Cons: expensive price for average consumers, Exclusive WiFi Internet TV network. Impregnation on color display occurs with volume that tends to weaken. Unattractive displays of colors especially blue in the long run.

Description: The Samsung UN40C7000 looks great and attractive to any buyers but it also comes with an expensive price that leaves average consumers only with the aspiration of owning this kind of TV. Its features have slight difference with its predecessors but there are enhancements which can be felt if you have tried previous models from Samsung and compare each. Outfitted with the cutting edge and advanced technology from Samsung, you will truly get and immersive viewing experience with 3D at its finest.


– Slim design. With the LED Edge Lighting TV Samsung’s LED cabinets are slimmer and sleeker than ever. When placed on the wall, the total depth of the set and mount assembly is under two inches for a sleeker and modern appearance that will surely complement on any angle.

– 3D Enabled. The hottest creation of the year 3D TV of Samsung works on the 3D enabled content and features the Auto Conversion System that will display 2D content into more pleasurable viewing with 3D.

– Internet Access. 3D TVs are not only meant for viewing programs. You can access the internet directly where you can see the latest news, weather broadcast, and updates on scores of your favorite sport program and view social media sites for interaction. Now, you can watch movies and video content on YouTube and view pictures on Flickr all in a single touch of a button. Get no interruptions of programs and views on content with the scales using the sidebar.

– USB 2.0 Movie. Lets you play videos, show photos and listen to music on your TV with the USB 2.0 Movie feature. Simply connect your digital cameras, MP3 players and thumb drives directly on the HDTV for convenient access to the content you want to view or listen.

– Eco-friendly. This LED TV from Samsung consume 40% less power compared to similar sized LCD screens that will reduce payment on bills. It is friendly for the environment with its Mercury free construction.

Content Library. Allows you to download movies, games and spend more hours of enjoyment with built-in features and content that you can do.

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