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/ Testimonial

OBSBOT Tiny smart follow-up webcam, the first AI tracking technology for full-body portrait posture. by u4get

Webcam OBSBOT Tiny This smart webcam was developed by the winning design team of TIME magazine.

OBSBOT Tiny uses an AI intelligent learning chip that can automatically track human faces, inherits the recognition and tracking design function of the award-winning design team, and the ability to automatically compose images ensures a stable and smooth portrait picture. by Skypost

Recently discovered a new artifact that can be recommended to everyone! It is the new 150° smart follow-up webcam OBSBOT Tiny.

The powerful features of OBSBOT Tiny include Full HD1080 60fps high image quality, dual-axis PTZ camera.

It’s the smart exposure function of OBSBOT Tiny Automatically correct the exposure and white balance according to the recording environment.

This camera is equipped with the world’s first AI tracking of full-body portrait poses. The camera will follow your body’s movement by about 150 degrees and 45 degrees up

Obsbot Tiny!! Good picture quality and radio function The biggest selling point is the built-in AI facial recognition system