The Darker Side of CCTV Security Cameras

Most of all the areas in India are guarded by the CCTV security cameras today. Not only India but also other countries are greatly relying on electronic security systems rather than the manual security guards. When asked the general human beings, they suggested that electronic security systems are more trustworthy, more efficient and better guards the premises. Just few advantages and no one try to think beyond that. By seeing the positive aspects it is really very easy to get dependent on a particular security system but to think about the other side, it is really very difficult.

It is however a bitter truth that every coin has two sides that means, one has to tolerate the negative effects if one wants to enjoy the positive aspects. But having knowledge about the positive as well as the negative effects is important. So that before incorporating the products one should have a clear understanding regarding the material. It is an obvious fact that CCTV cameras are very beneficial in terms of security. It definitely guards the premise better than the earlier security methods but it also has possesses some limitations. Before acquiring the system you should obviously beware of the limitations.

CCTV Security Camera’s Limitations:

There are a number of limitations possessed by the closed circuit television in the premises, which the people should be well aware off. Taking into consideration of the general needs of people the various disadvantages that might result through the usage of CCTV security cameras can be enlisted as follows:

* If your security system provider is claiming that the CCTV cameras can solve crime then you can turn your back to them. This is totally untrue that CCTV cameras can be crime solver as CCTV cameras can only reduce the crime by capturing the on going scene. Then the one who supervises the camera can catch the suspect. Thus, it reduces the crime nothing is related to crime solving through CCTV cameras.

* If you are budget conscious and you want high resolution security cameras, then probably CCTV is not what you are searching for. With the increase of resolution in the image, cost of device increases and there your budget will fluctuate! After all better quality always comes with bigger price isn’t it! You need to readjust your budget for getting the best security devices.

* Complex cabling is just another disadvantage that comes with high resolution security cameras. If you really want to record the scene going on in the premises then you need to take the help of DVR (digital video recorder) systems. Associating DVR systems along with CCTV security cameras is a brilliant idea but cabling complexities and the problem of managing of the cables will always be there.

* How can you forget about the maintenance of the security cameras? It is not based on a single time installation charge factor, if someone is convincing you with the excuse that you need to install it for a single time and you are sorted then, they are misleading you probably. You need to maintain the device sporadically till you uninstall the system from your premise.

* The most important issue that is stated at last only so that you can easily guess the factor is the cost constraint. Entire story speaks everything, about how costly the device would be if you want the best among all. Nothing comes without costs so here come you are! You need to pay a bulk to achieve 100% security in your premises.

Do not get afraid after hearing so many problematic aspects regarding CCTV cameras. You can surely reach a particular security solution by taking the perfect guidance from a responsible firm who thinks about your willingness first. A high resolution security cameras provider company can always guide you through and thereby you can always meet your security expectations. Then, why not to grab the chance!

Source by Dharav Patel

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