The Evolution of Mobile Phones to Smart Phones

It used to be some time ago that a mobile phone was just that, a mobile phone. You could use it to call people, receive calls, as well as send and receive sms’s. However, if a phone just did that nowadays, it would be tossed away as being useless and a poor design.

In today’s fast pace techno-world, we all want everything and we want it right now. This is why mobile phones have had to evolve into something that incorporates much more functionality. This group of phones is generally known as smart phones. These smart phones include any number of advanced technology, such as wifi internet access, popular web format compatible browsers, personal organisers, calculators, games, music players and cameras. The evolution of these smart phones has produced some truly amazing applications. Some camera phones have camera’s that have 8 mega pixels – this is higher than some dedicated cameras. They also include red eye reduction, and smile shutter technology, which means when the camera detects a smile, it will take the picture. The music players, especially on the Sony Ericsson Walkman phones is amazing, and would rival many mp3 players.

Recently Apple came out with the iPhone, which took all of this to the next level. It wasn’t that much more technologically advanced compared to the other smart phones, but it was put together in a fantastic package with some really cool features. Most notable was the touch screen that was wonderfully intuitive. The interface was slick and the internet connection brilliant. The iphone really upped the bar.

Since then there have been numerous so called iPhone-killers that have come out. These first included the Nokia N96, then the Samsung Omnia, then the N97, N85. They all try and incorporate as many features as possible as well as making the interface slick and user friendly. This has meant exponential growth in terms of the cost of these phones. However, in time the prices will stabilise and become more affordable to the general public.

As you can see smart phones have been the result from an evolution of mobile phones over the past 10 years. It just makes you wonder what kind of phones we will be dealing with in the next 10 years.

Source by Marc Sam

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