Xbox 360 Kinect – Full Body Motion Controller We Are Waiting For!

What is Kinect and How does Kinect? Kinect is a device that allows us to play games without controllers, hands-free! Using this Kinect we can say farewell to the controller. Microsoft sure has prepared everything to make this device successful, and even they have updated their Xbox Dashboard firmware. Xbox 360 Kinect 250GB Bundle will cost around $550 in US territory.

With Kinect, our body becomes a joystick or rather can be said as “living controller” wireless. In fact, Kinect is just a camera for Xbox 360 (actually, it’s a device that acts like one camera). It is connected to the console via USB and it uses infrared transmission to draw in 3D. Kinect has a microphone so you can communicate with the console and other users to see through and beyond to infrared. The console will automatically recognize user when they position in front of the video for about 2.5m from the display and it will start interpreting their gestures. This automatically login system will avoid confusion between each player, even for those who simply pretends to hold a steering wheel and hands.

Microsoft Kinect is a new input camera device that developed by Microsoft which can detect our movements as gamers and turn them into commands for playing games. The update also simplifies WiFi, and the new audio codecs optimize the audio quality of the Xbox Live chat party. The QWERTY keyboard which acquires greater usability of the dashboard and avatars now become more realistic.

There are many good software for Kinect, e.g. you can use software called Skype-style, the “video kinect” which allows you to video chat with friends on Xbox Live Windows Live Messenger, it caan draw the gamer in real time thanks to the perception of motion and tilt motor trade.

The bundled games for Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle are: Kinectimals (a kind of Nintendogs in HD); Kinect Sports (Microosft’s answer to Wii Sports: with bowling, football, table tennis, boxing and volleyball); Kinect Joy Ride; Kinect Adventures! (“Jump, dive and scansatevi” while running along a route full of obstacles, 20 in all). The hands-free game from Microsoft allows you to play with the body, with facial expressions and voice.

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